NAA Political Action Committee

What is NAAPAC?

​NAAPAC is the voluntary, bi-partisan political action committee of the National Apartment Association. Its mission is to promote the involvement of NAA member companies and individuals in the apartment housing industry in the political process, NAAPAC solicits voluntary contributions from individual members across the country, aggregates their political strength and supports the campaigns of national candidates who are supportive of a pro-apartment, pro-business legislative agenda.

Why is NAAPAC important to the multifamily industry?

​NAAPAC is important to NAA because trade associations such as NAA are prohibited from using their general treasury funds (membership dues or other revenue) to make contributions or expenditures in connection with federal elections. NAAPAC is the only vehicle through which NAA and its members may participate together in the political process via contributions and expenditures on behalf of federal candidates.

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