Get Involved

The GBAA has many committees that are chaired by our volunteer members. It takes all of our members to help us achieve our goals.

The first step in member involvement is to pick a committee that interests you, contact that chairman, and get started!

Below, you will find a listing of committees, with the chairman’s contact information and a snapshot of committee responsibilities. Additional information about events are listed in the drop down menu under Get Involved.

Membership Committee: Membership is the lifeblood of any association. The membership committee works diligently all year long to recruit new members and to retain our current members by helping them see the value of membership.
Membership Chairman: John Street

Education & Programs: Education is one of the cornerstones of the GBAA’s mission. This committee seeks out educational opportunities for our members and makes sure that our calendar is chocked full of educational and networking opporunities every month.
Education & Programs Chairman: Kat Wilkes

Governmental Affairs: The Governmental Affairs committee is responsible for identifying legislation that could adversely affect the multifamily industry.
Governmental Affairs Chairman: Frank Barefield

Maintenance Mania: Maintenance Mania is a national program, in which maintenance technicians compete against each other in various skill-based games. The GBAA’s Maintenance Mania event is held every year in March. The committee is responsible for promoting the event, soliciting sponsors and registering maintenance technicians.
Maintenance Mania Chairman: Wally Turner

Golf Tournament: The Annual GBAA Golf Tournament is held every year in the spring. The committee is responsible for promoting the event and soliciting teams and sponsors.
Golf Chairman:

Reverse Trade Show: The Annual GBAA Reverse Trade Show kicks off the summer. This is an opportunity for the management companies to man the booths, and the vendors can introduce their companies to key decision makers. The committee is responsible for solicting participation from management companies, as well as promoting the event to vendor members.
Reverse Trade Show Chairman: Keli-Lynch Wright

Beautification Awards: The GBAA Beautification Awards is a long standing tradition. It is a prestegious competition between Birmingham area apartment communities, who compete for the title of Best of the Best! The committee is responsible for soliciting communities to participate in the competition, judging, as well as making all of the arrangements for the Beautification Awards Party.
Beautification Chairman: Hank Childers

Philanthropy: The King’s Home is the GBAA’s chosen charity. We have a special partnership with the King’s Home and raise money and help the children there all year round. Our biggest fundraising event is Cruising for the King’s Kids. It is our annual motorcycle ride and dice run. The committee is responsible for planning and implementation of the Cruising for the King’s Kids event, the Christmas Shopping trip and any other items related to charity.
Philanthropy Chairman: Tammy Wyble

Trade Show: The GBAA’s Annual Trade Show is held in September. The committee helps organize the show, and is responsible for selling booths, encouraging attendance and creating a theme for the show.
Trade Show Chairman:Ashley Rowland

Awards Program: The GBAA Annual Awards Program wraps up the year. The program highlights members who have shown exceptional support to the GBAA in that calendar year. The committee is responsible for soliciting award nominees, judging, as well as coordinating the Awards Party.
Awards Chairman: Matt Smith